Type moon Unlimited screenpack and template

Type Moon Unlimited


If you just need the template for portrait creation here it is.
Welcome to the final Type Moon Unlimited. A Screenpack that has been in the works since I joined Mugen Infantry and has been sought upon and inspired the Masses, being the base for many of Kohaku's screen packs. This is a Type moon screen pack that isn't too blood, but isn't very Fate Stay Night, able to stand on it's own digital legs.

Intro- A edited AMV that was converted into a mugen animation, baring the logo of Type Moon Unlimited at the end, Credit to the unknown artist.

Select screen- Small, yes, but easy to fill. I'm not realeasing many options with this pack and the main problem is portrait creation which I have included templates to make it easy, though there is an unfairity twords people with photoshop the portraits are so easy to make and provide so many possabilities seeing as you DON'T need to render images, making anything you want able to be converted into a portrait with ease. Animiations include scrolling chant of Unlimited blade works on the sides and a rotation Gilgamesh Summoning seal that rotates and glows, all the while alighing with the timer.

Vs screen- Putting a new twist on how Mugen works, the portrait in the vs screen runs off the same select screen portrait, using a hidden portion of the image to allow one thing the mugen community has wanted for years, the ability to make the vs screen portrait different from the select screen one, it is Melty Blood based but with all the workings it needs to be part of type moon Unlimited. There is a youtube example below.


Lifebars- Kohaku for the tamplate in which I created the lifebars for, Kurisu for the designs on the top sides of the lifebars. Mugen China for font files, Kohaku and Broken mugen for the Lifebar fonts.

Due to overwhelming requests for more slots I have indeed made.. more slots... alot more slots. The icons and portraits still need to be custom made, the icon size being 32, 64 ( Just a reminder. ) To answer some questions, no I'm not going to make a normal portrait version of Type Moon Unlimited, but I and a few others are ready and willing to pump portraits out at will in the portrait submission section.