Type Moon Unlimited Update.
TMU has now reached version 1.0 and is now fully complete. changes include a new title screen, loading screen
and is now packaged for easy install, just download and run mugen, enjoy.
" You Know it's True. "

Type Moon Unlimited lifebars graphics update.

My lifebars have been update to now include the effects from MBAA. Thanks to my boy Yang once again for hooking me up with sprites.

Type Moon Unlimited lifebars update.

I have added a White summoning seal option, patch is located in the lifebar section.

Type Moon Unlimited MBAA portrait pack.
Check the portrait pack section.


Finally I have a MI space to put all of my junk into and such will make it easier to upload and edit my screenpack, but in other news

Type Moon Unlimited update
The screenpack has had a music update, well, rather fix seeing as there were so many miss communications between me and lightoss. but I have took it upon myself to find my own means of hosting and fixing the screenpack, if there are any errors please inform me in MI and I will be glad to fix the,.

Lifebar update
I have fixed a minor error in the lifebars and they are reuploaded and good to go.